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Pet Sitting

Pet sitting visits can be once a day, twice a day or more. They are scheduled to accommodate the needs of your pet. Each 30 minute visit is $20.

I also offer extended visits of 45 minutes at a rate of $30 per visit.

Pet sitting visits include the basics of feeding and putting out fresh water. Plus brushing, petting, playtime and lots of attention.  

House Sitting

House sitting are overnight visits that are great for pets that don't like being left alone for long periods. This service also gives your house a lived in look and can be a deterrent to crime. I spend the 12 hour period from 7 pm to 7 am - plenty of time for play and to give your pets lots of attention. The rate is $60/night. If additional visits are needed throughout the day, for example a mid-day break or a dinner visit prior to the 7 pm arrival the normal pet sitting rates apply. They are in addition to the overnight charge.

Dog Walking

Several dog walking options are available . Choose the one that best suits your pet's needs.

  • Potty break - a quick outside trip to answer the call of nature. Typical visits last 10 minutes and do not include a walk. The rate is $10/visit.
  • A 20 minute walk @ $15/walk provides just the right amount of time for a jaunt around the neighborhood to help your dog get some exercise and relieve the boredom that can occur during a long day at home while you're at work.
  • A 30 minute walk @ $20/walk might be just the answer for your active dog. There's plenty of time to walk around the block, plus maybe get in a little extra playtime in the backyard.

Walks are generally scheduled Monday - Fridays. They're a great way to provide a your dog(s) with a break, get some exercise and enjoy a little company while you're at work. 

Extra Care Services

$15.00 per day fee for the care and watering of gardens, greenhouses or additional pets - 4 or more per household.

Same Day or Last Minute Pet Care Visits

$10.00 service charge in addition to the normal pet sitting rate to clients who call for same day pet sitting services; emergency situations may be exempt from the charge.

Key Fee Pick Up/Drop Off

$5.00 service charge per trip for key pick up and/or key drop off at client's home or place of work.

Pet Goods Purchase and Delivery

$10.00 service charge, plus the cost of the items, for purchase of cat/dog food, medications, cat litter or other necessary supplies. Price includes delivery to the home during a regularly scheduled pet sitting visit.

Cancellation Fee

A $25.00 fee will be charged for cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled pet sitting job. Emergency situations may be exempt from the charge.

Unnecessary Visit Fee

If the client returns home earlier than expected, or leaves later than agreed upon, without notifying Best Friend Petsitting resulting in unnecessary visits the client will be charged the normal rate for those visits.

****Fees are subject to change without notice****