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Most of use think of our pets as part of the family. We care for them by providing a healthy diet, regular veterinary care and professional pet care when we need to be away from home. Their happiness and good health is important to us. As caring pet owners there is an additional service we can provide to our fur family - massage therapy. Massage therapy by a professional massage practitioner is a wonderful way to provide for your pet's mental and physical well-being.

Welcome to Massage Four Paws. My name is Karen Kudasik and I've been managing my pet sitting business, Best Friend Petsitting in the Portland Metro area since 1998 - 17 wonderful years. This past year I made the decision to add small animal massage therapy to the services I provide. I completed my training and certification program through the Northwest School of Animal Massage in January 2015 and am now a Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner (CSAMP). I'm very excited and am looking forward to providing massage sessions to your cats and dogs in the comfort of their homes. Because pets are more comfortable in their home environment, Massage Four Paws is a mobile service that will come to you in the Portland Metro area. 

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